Initial Reflections

In case someone stumbles upon this, these are reflections from taking the Business 250 Web Business class at BYU-I. We are learning about what it takes to create and run an online business.

I’ve done web work before, including SEO and Google AdWords work. I’ve been a DBA and programmer for over 30 years. I started with the assumption that I could fly right through the class without learning much. I was wrong. I’m having to put a lot more thought into this than I expected. The time spent on the actual work has been low (about what I thought), but it has required more time thinking than I planned on.

For example, in one exercise we had to decide if a particular group of people that want to start a web business should choose their business model first and then what their product would be or vice versa. No matter how I looked at it, choosing the product first was the only way to go. After participating in the discussions with my classmates, I can now see where choosing the model first may be better, at least in some situations.

You’re never too old to learn.

Initial Reflections