Lesson 4 Weekly Reflections

I was getting frustrated at all the up-front work we’re having to do with comparing all the various options and methods and such, and then I remembered an experience I had about 20 years ago.

Some friends got me involved in a project they were working on for writing some software related to their business. Because of some arrangements they had already made with some wholesalers, we were fairly well insured of making at least several hundred thousand dollars each when we got it done.

Unfortunately, even though I kept insisting that we needed to take the time up front to do some design work and compare some options, they could not be convinced that it would save time in the long run and they had already gotten behind schedule so I had to just move forward with things the way the had planned them.

It was a situation of one screeching halt after another as we found that this or that wouldn’t work with the way they “designed” it. After starting from scratch multiple times the whole thing eventually fell apart and was never completed.

It gave a new appreciation for doing the work before doing the work.

Lesson 4 Weekly Reflections

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