Lesson Five Weekly Reflection

So, what is there to reflect upon when the lesson is on legal structures and licenses and taxes?

One thing that comes to mind is the difference in how much has to be done in order to create a business depending on where you live. I’ve been involved in starting businesses in multiple places in California and in South Carolina. In California, the process was much more difficult, took considerably longer, and cost significantly more. Where I live now in SC, I mail in a single sheet form to request a variance in the zoning laws to allow me to use my home for my business and fill out an online form to request a sales tax license. Once those have been given, I’m ready to go.

I once spent two weeks going back and forth between two different government agencies in California because they each said I needed to get something from the other agency before they would give me the license they provided. It was a Catch-22 situation and it was only after I begged one person to please just give me their license with a promise that I would come right back just as soon as I got the license from the other agency so they could put it in their records before I was able to move forward.

There’s an old saying that you’ll get less of the things you discourage and more of those things you encourage. We need to make it easy for people to start their own businesses if we want to have more growth.

Lesson Five Weekly Reflection

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