Almost did it again

In a perfect example of how important it is to be consistent, I started out creating another page this week instead of a blog post. After making that mistake last week and doing a post about it, you’d think that I would have done it right this week.

Maybe it’s just another case of doing something out of habit instead of thinking about it before doing it. We can fall into that trap in our businesses as well. Unless we stay on top of how well our advertising is working and whether or not our site is current and fully functional, we can end up falling behind. At the least, we will be missing out on lost income.

It’s been a hectic week, what with Thanksgiving (which includes traveling a few hundred miles each way to be with our son’s family) and some major projects going on at work. Times like this can provide ample excuses for letting things slip.

I’ll have to keep an eye out for that sort of thing.

Almost did it again

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