Selling words

I remember hearing jokes back when search engines were still fairly new. Google started selling keywords for ads and people were making fun of how bold it was of them to actually think they could effectively sell words. Now, here I am… buying words from Google. In fact, I am bidding against other people that want to buy the same words.

The whole concept of adwords reminds me of the yellow pages. Companies would have to decide how big of an ad to put in the various headings of the phone book’s yellow pages. If I had a car dealership, how big/expensive of an ad do I want under the headings of Auto Repair, Auto Sales, Used Autos, etc.  The “search engine” that was the yellow pages had employees that were more than happy to help me figure it all out, much like how Google has the developer tools that do the same thing. I’m sure they also have humans that would be happy to help me figure it out, especially if I had a big adwords budget.

It’s exciting to be a part of all this. Now, if I can just say it’s exciting to be a highly profitable part of all this.


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