Week 8 reflections

Technology is cool.

Way back when, I learned quite a bit about different ways to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Usually, it involved using different phone number or addresses or coupons or coded numbers printed on order forms to tell which ad drove the person to buy your product. Or, it meant having a way for the customer to either enter a catalog number or list the way in which they heard about your product. Sometimes, customer service reps would ask the customers and record the advertising source.

For web based businesses, we can now use online analytical tools to tell us exactly where a customer (or even potential customers) came from, which ad they saw, etc. The amount of data available is amazing.

Not only that, by using A/B testing we can get information on exactly what works the best for us and can adjust our advertising and marketing plans accordingly. If an ad campaign isn’t working, we can cut our losses and move on to something that is performing for us.

It’s exciting to be a part of all this.


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